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Notice that when white people execute mass murders, law enforcement is quick to note that the person isn’t suspected of being a terrorist, just a troubled soul. And then the young man is peacefully arrested in the parking lot, like he didn’t just do some truly demonic shit.

Imagine if this dude was Muslim. What other accusations would be leveled? Would he not be suspected of being a part of a global terror network? Would it not spawn fear-mongering and hate speech? Would it not be used by the right wing to leverage more funding for the war on terror? or even to draw attention to Obama’s troubling foreignness? Would he have just been arrested peacefully in a parking lot?

But as it is, this young man is just considered a lone sick and twisted soul. He won’t be the subject of any of the aforementioned accusations. White people won’t be attacked in the media and society as a result of this. He won’t be labeled a terrorist. It will just be one thing that one white person did. This is what white privilege looks like.

—Lukas Brekke-Meisner, founder of, in reaction to the presses’ coverage of the July 20th movie theater shootings in Colorado.

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